Custom made furniture

Is your daycare centre or daycare under renovation or are you considering the construction of a new daycare centre or facility and are you looking for a company that has expertise in the field of fixed or mobile furniture? Our furniture already in stock does not suit you and you want your own creations? Send us your requests; We're here for you.

We can make an evaluation of your architectural plans in terms of the furniture offered, the materials proposed while ensuring the safety of the little ones.

We are familiar with the CNESST standards to protect your employees, as well as the furniture construction standards for obtaining your permits from the Ministère de la Famille, as well as the health and safety standards of Health Canada to protect children.

Our manufacturing deadlines are always respected. No additional costs once the contract is signed and respected.

We can refer you to many of our customers, whether for fixed furniture in the materials requested by your architect or for water-varnished wooden mobile furniture for a guaranteed circular economy.

Submit your drawings to us at