Declaration of conformity

At MEUBLES LE HUARD inc, safety is a priority!

All our products are created and developed in compliance with Canadian standards and European or French standards E1, NF S 54-300, EN 716-1, EN 716-2, EN 71-3, EN 14749 on the manufacture of children's furniture .

- NF S 54-300 , EN 716-1 and EN 716-2

The French standard NF S 54-300 concerns educational motor skills equipment: verification of solidity, stability, absence of risk of entrapment for children from 0 to 12 years old. All our furniture and motor structures comply with this standard as well as the EN 716-1 and EN 716-2 standards with regard to the diameters of the holes and the distance between two structural elements which must be less than or equal to 65 millimeters in order to avoid trapping a child between bars.

-EN 71-3

The European standard EN 71 certifies the safety of toys. Part 3 of this standard concerns health risks, in particular the migration of certain elements (classification index S 51-214). By migration we mean the various emissions, particularly VOCs or heavy metals, likely to be emitted by paints or solvents added to the final product. The standard certifies objects, but also paints and varnishes that may come into contact with children.

All our furniture, motor skills structures and educational materials comply with the EN 71-3 standard.

- EN 14749

This European standard specifies the safety requirements and test methods applicable to the structures of all types of storage furniture. It guarantees that the furniture will not tip over under the weight of drawers and other moving elements. All our furniture and motor skills structures comply with the EN 14749 standard.


All-cherry Russian cherry (S/BB or B/BB depending on the manufacturer) is a high-quality, homogeneous 100% cherry panel made up of crossed plies. It is WBP certified and meets EN 314 standards. It also falls into class M3 as a low combustibility material.

This high-quality composite wood is certified as compliant with the E1 standard and performs below the requirements of this European AND Californian standard relating to formaldehyde fumes.

Some elements of some of our products are made of beech, birch, maple or solid pine which also comply with CE standards.


Finishing products that may come into contact with children do not pose any health risks: no emissions of VOCs or heavy metals from paints or varnishes added to the final product.

The varnishes on our furniture and motor structures are lead-free and non-toxic.