Staircase with steps and slope

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Made in Quebec, the staircase can be introduced when the child begins to crawl. As he progresses and begins to walk, the guardrail and ramp will be perfect for helping the child stand, climb up and down. The slope allows the child to easily go back down in a fun and safe way. Realized by the Montessori concept.



Using the stairs is something that all children enjoy because they see them everywhere and are never allowed to be on them alone. This staircase must be placed in a secure area, on a carpet in case the child falls.

Children happily use this staircase and its upper platform throughout their progress and long after they have learned to walk. Ideal for children aged 9 months to 3 years.

***Our furniture is delivered assembled***

This material must be used by the child under the supervision of an adult.

Dimensions: Steps 25cm (9-3/4") deep x 11cm (4-1/4") high; Platform 50 x 50 cm (19-3/4"); Overall length 150 cm (59"); Ramp height 47 cm (18.5")

Composition : Baltic cherry structure and water-based varnish