Stackable children's bed - small

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Made in Quebec, small stackable floor bed, which provides many benefits for the child and parents.

- It benefits from freedom of movement.


- The floor bed allows the development of self-confidence. As the child is freed from the stress and anger of being locked behind bars while waiting for a parent to release him or her, he or she is freer to make his or her own decisions.

- Finally, in terms of comfort, the floor bed is more pleasant: it allows the child to have more space than in a bed with bars which limits his range of action. Installing a bed on the floor is therefore a way of showing respect for the child: adults are showing them that they have confidence in them and in their ability to judge when they need to sleep and when they can stay awake.

Mattress dimensions : maximum 132.08 cm (52") x 72.39 cm (28.5")

the dimensions may change depending on your mattress but respecting our maximum. For single beds, request a price

The bass is a platform and not slats

Composition : Baltic cherry structure and water-based varnish

***mattress not included***