Large horizontal mirror - with or without bar

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Large horizontal mirror with or without brachiation bar Made in Quebec

For babies, the mirror is a very important educational material in Montessori pedagogy and also in child psychology.

It will be installed on the wall, at floor level, along the carpet

Pay attention to the baby's safety linked to this object which must be securely fixed to the wall.

The mirror not only stimulates vision, it also allows the baby to become aware of the movements of the outside world and members of his family.

The so-called “brachiation” bar is fixed in front of the mirror. It should be adjusted to the average height of 47 cm (depending on the size and age of the baby). This bar will allow the baby to develop his arm muscles, his balance and, little by little, to practice the vertical position. As the child will drop down at first, a thick mat should be placed under the bar.

Dimensions approx.
  • Height 74.2 cm (29.25'')
  • Length 120 cm (47.25'')
  • Structure in Baltic cherry and water-based varnish
  • Unbreakable acrylic mirror
  • Brachiation bar screwed on the back, adjustable to approximately 47 cm in height in 5 positions in each direction.